Meet Habot - the AI Assistant for breaking bad habits, achieving goals & keeping resolutions.​​

Self-care for the seriously minded

Weight loss
Asking how is a vicious cycle - looking to "experts" for HOW we get "fixes" i.e.  a new diet, a gym program, or 7 steps to a better you. The change causes discomfort that we overcome with willpower, eventually we give-up...and in hope we move onto the next "fix".
​​​​​LIFE already knows how to make a body that works. Rather than adding more fixes try subtracting the things that are in your way - your bad habits, your limiting beliefs and self-image are all things you created and therefore you can change.

​​The Way becomes clear when using your Goal, your Actions, to create ​​experiences that reveal Insights - allowing things to become perfect of their own accord.

The answer to how is YES!

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Key features​

  1. Intelligent
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving rapidly. Because your buddy lives in the cloud it's always learning and getting smarter.
  2. 24/7 Crave Assist
    Breaking a bad habit happens in the moment when cravings occur. Crave Assist lets you seize the moment whenever cravings strike - any time, any where.
  3. Personalised
    Everyone is different; with different goals, different beliefs and different needs. Tailor your buddy to give it meaning so that your buddy can tailor itself for you.

What's your goal?

  1. Weight loss
    Diets fail because they rely on willpower. Stopping cravings while reconnecting with your natural signals of appetite and fullness free you to lose weight without feeling deprived.
  2. Quit Smoking
    Quitting doesn't require superhuman willpower nor a lifetime of self-denial! When you believe deep down that the benefits of smoking are an illusion you will know there is nothing to “give up”.
  3. Freedom from alcohol
    Feel empowered to make conscious choices about the role of alcohol in your life without being shamed by your internal critic. Being a non-drinker isn't an incredible sacrifice.

Smarter, not harder.

Most effort to change is wasted because what really matters are the decisions you make in critical moments - between craving and doing. 

The moments that matter are when you're challenged by cravings, fear of being denied or your internal critic. Habot works 24/7 to ensure these “moments of truth” don't become another “moment of weakness”.

Critical moments are your golden opportunities to shift your perspective from sacrifice to empowerment.

Create the change you want by changing the way you think.

Your Identity is central to habit change - the first step is not what or how but WHO.

Your self-image and your beliefs shape your decisions, actions and destiny. Holding onto old beliefs too tightly stops you from realizing new goals. 

Once you "know" (deep down) that changing is not a sacrifice, you're free from cravings and unhelpful thoughts and feelings that stop you from achieving your potential.

Breaking Habits from the Inside Out

Habits are self-reinforcing learning loops with a Reward as the goal.

The trigger is about noticing the reward. The craving is about wanting the reward. The action is about getting the reward which closes the feedback loop and reinforces it. Your desire drives your behavior.

No matter how ingrained a habit - its always possible to get inside the loop to observe your cravings and your actions, even when you feel you have no choice.  

The observer effect changes desire. Feelings are not a choice, Behavior is.

Nature intended adversity to make us stronger, not weaker.​

Misguided attempts to continually "fix" ourselves has left us more ​​​​​​​​​fragile to the demands of modern life.

This is why most diets eventually fail, most gym memberships lapse, why obesity, alcoholism & drug abuse are increasing and why most New Year's resolutions don't make it beyond two weeks.

Being  anti-fragile  is to become stronger through adversity by consistently making conscious choices when challenged by uncomfortable thoughts & emotions -  much like your immune system strengthens after repeated exposure to germs.

RETHINK change - stop doing all the things that get in your way so that you're able to make better decisions when it matters most. 

Just as nature intended.

Quit being captive to a bad habit and a life spent resisting temptation.

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