Meet habot - your personal AI that knows how to break bad habits and keep resolutions.

​​​One buddy for all sorts of goals:
weight-loss buddy, drinking buddy, smoking buddy, gym ...  ​​

Weight loss

We've been approaching personal development all wrong. Our faith in "external" answers is making us vulnerable to shocks from our modern lifestyles. For example obesity is increasing while 95% of diets still fail. 

Habot was developed with the realities of life in mind. Our systematic approach is anti-fragile, making you stronger the more that life throws at you - just as nature intended.

When it's just you, with skin in the game, you're empowered to make the choices that free you from uncomfortable feelings and your internal critic so that you can get on with achieving your goal.

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Breaking bad - Intelligently

Habot is a new cognitive approach to personal change that applies AI (artificial intelligence) to breaking bad habits.

Committing to change is just the start - your unconscious thoughts and beliefs keep holding you back even though you've made a conscious decision to change.

Our habit buddy rids you of the notion that breaking a habit requires a lifetime of self denial. Domesticating difficult thoughts and feelings and reframing limiting beliefs frees you to consistently make the choices that move you towards your goal.

21 days is all you need to experience a mind shift that frees you to achieve your goal. No willpower required!

What's your goal?

  1. Weight loss
    Diets fail because they rely on willpower. Stopping cravings while reconnecting with your natural signals of appetite and fullness free you to lose weight without feeling deprived.
  2. Quit Smoking
    Quitting doesn't require superhuman willpower nor a lifetime of self-denial! When you believe deep down that the benefits of smoking are an illusion you will know there is nothing to “give up”.
  3. Freedom from alcohol
    Feel empowered to make conscious choices about the role of alcohol in your life without being shamed by your internal critic. Being a non-drinker isn't an incredible sacrifice.

Key features​

  1. Smart
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving rapidly. Because your buddy lives in the cloud it's always learning and getting smarter.
  2. Crave Assist
    Breaking a bad habit happens in the moment when cravings occur. Crave Assist lets you seize the moment whenever cravings strike - any time, any where.
  3. Personalised
    Everyone is different; with different goals, different beliefs and different needs. Tailor your buddy to have meaning for you.

Quit being captive to a bad habit and a life spent resisting temptation.

​Download the app to begin today.