Redefine your relationship with alcohol

Stop the cravings to be free from alcohol  and never feel deprived.

Habot breaks the habits that lead to drinking by conquering cravings and your fear of denial. Your personal AI domesticates your cravings and internal critic so they work for you rather than against you.

99% of any effort to change is wasted - which is why we focus on the moments that matter. These are the critical moments, between craving and doing, when your buddy creates space for you to make the right choices.​​

And because your AI Assistant lives in the cloud - it keeps getting smarter.

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Freedom from Alcohol is possible without cravings, fear of denial or your life spent resisting temptation.


  1. Smart
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and neuroscience are both evolving rapidly. Because your buddy lives in the cloud it's always learning and getting smarter.
  2. Crave Assist
    Breaking a bad habit happens in the moment when cravings occur. Crave Assist immediately focuses your buddy on stopping cravings any time, any where.
  3. Personalised
    Everyone is different; with different goals, different motivations and different needs. Tailor your buddy to have meaning for you.

Empower not Willpower

Habot is a new approach to personal change that applies AI (artificial intelligence) and neuroscience to breaking bad habits.

Deciding to change is never enough. It's your unconscious thoughts and beliefs that hold you back even though you've made a conscious decision to change. This is why willpower fails in the long run.

Our habit buddy will rid you of the notion that breaking a bad habit requires a lifetime of self denial and hands you back control over your cravings. Through the conscious exploration of your beliefs it's possible to influence your subconscious - opening the way for a new perspective. 

Within 21 days you experience a mind shift that frees you to achieve your goal. No willpower required!