RETHINK weight loss.

Break the addictive habits designed to get you hooked - from the Inside-Out.

With precision self-care, your experience becomes the cure.

Habot breaks the bad habits that undermine your best intentions.

99% of all effort to lose weight is wasted - which is why Habot focus' on your moments of truth. These are the critical moments, between craving and doing, when your actions really matter.

Your buddy creates the space you need to consistently make decisions that move you towards your goal, even when life throws you a curve ball. ​

And because your AI Assistant lives in the cloud it keeps getting smarter.

Quit being captive to cravings and a life spent resisting temptation.

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  1. Personalised
    Everyone is different; with different goals, different beliefs and different needs. Tailor your buddy to have meaning for you.
  2. Intelligent
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving rapidly. Because your buddy lives in the cloud it's always learning and getting smarter.
  3. 24/7 Crave Assist
    Breaking a bad habit happens in the moment when cravings occur. Crave Assist immediately focuses your buddy on domesticating cravings any time, any where.

Identity Based Habits are a proven ​​ process for creating new habits and breaking bad habits:

Identity is about who you are and what you believe. It's why losing weight is so important to you.

Process is about what you do, its your system for change. Its your commitment to what you will do and how you will do it.

Outcomes are what you get, these are the results you achieve based on the goals you set. Goals crystalise your intent and focus your desires.

Achieving different outcomes requires reframing the underlying beliefs that hold you back.

Source: James Clear
Atomic Habits

Weight loss that gets easier when life gets harder

Stop cravings with RAIN

Misguided attempts to continually "fix" ourselves have left us ​​​​​​​​fragile to the demands of modern life.

That's why most diets eventually fail, most gym memberships lapse, why obesity, alcoholism & drug abuse are increasing and why most New Year's resolutions don't make it beyond two weeks.

Being anti-fragile teaches you to become stronger  by consistently making dispassionate choices when challenged by uncomfortable thoughts & feelings -  much like your immune system learns from repeated exposure to germs.

What we seek is often found in the place where we least want to look.